TGS Water Ltd. has 4 drilling rigs and 3 compressors and a fleet of 7 trucks and 3 support cars. In addition we have geophysical equipment, a borehole camera and test pumping equipment to carry out tests up to 18 m3/hr. The details of some of the equipment are given below.

1 DSB1/3.5 rig: This is a multifunctional drilling rig with mobile office / lab / equipment trailer andhas been equipped with a mudpump and compressor. The rig can be used for drilling water wells with diameters up to 17” to a depth of 150 m. The rig is equipped with various geotechnical tools and is also able to drill at any angle and can drill up to 120 metres below ground level. The machine can be used for core drilling, mud rotary drilling and air rotary drilling.  The specifications of the rig can be found here.

2 PAT401 rigs: The PAT401 rigs are idea drilling rigs for rural water supply boreholes down to a depth of approximately 75 m. They are the slightly stronger version of the PAT301. The rigs can be sued for mud and air rotary drilling and the equipment is easy to handle and can access less accessible sites more easily than the heavier rigs.

1 PAT 301 rig: the PAT301TP is a cost efficient drilling machine and especially useful for drilling shallow wells although it can also drill boreholes in the hardrock. It can be equiped with an SPT tool and Pitcher Sampler.

2 compressors:  TGS uses ELGI compressors that make use of Cummin engines (2 No. of ELGI DH05-018 [150 psi at 450 cfm]  and a  300 psi 1100 cfm compressor on order.