Your preferred partner for the construction of rural water supplies in Uganda.

TGS Drilling


Supplying water to rural communities, schools and hospitals is the main objective of TGS Water. TGS Water drills high-quality cost-effective boreholes, constructs small piped water supply systems, rehabilitates existing water supplies and carries out pumping tests to assess optimum yields of boreholes in often remote areas in Uganda. To further support rural communities, TGS Water also constructs school buildings and sanitation facilities. Ancillary activities of TGS Water include geotechnical drilling, geophysical surveys to increase the success-rates of borehole drilling, shallow well construction and spring protection. Community mobilization is an integral part of all activities to ensure sustainable services.


TGS Water Ltd has been involved in various projects since it was founded in 2007. These projects concern the drilling of deep boreholes and shallow boreholes, the protection of springs and the rehabilitation and test pumping of boreholes in Lira, Apac, Gulu, Amuria, Pader, Kitgum, Oyam and Dokolo Districts in Uganda.


TGS Water Ltd. has 4 drilling rigs, 4 compressors and a fleet of 7 trucks and 3 support cars. In addition we have geophysical equipment, a borehole camera and test pumping equipment to carry out tests up to 18 m3/hr.