Why TGS?

Why TGS Water Ltd is not the cheapest but still your best drilling partner in Uganda

Using TGS Water Ltd. as your preferred drilling partner ensures not only that the boreholes are constructed to the highest standards, but in addition leaves a positive foot print in the water sector in Uganda; ensures better outputs of the work activities and guarantees a positive professional working relationship.
TGS charges boreholes prices that are 5-10% above the average market rates in Uganda. A client that works with TGS could therefore probably drill at slightly cheaper rates when hiring other drilling companies. This is because TGS makes sure that their staff works on proper contracts and benefits from social security and pension schemes, and because we use the best internationally tested and approved materials as well as the best, but more capital-intensive drilling approaches. The arguments for contracting TGS Water, a slightly more expensive contractor are listed below:


The benefits of the better advice of TGS will in many cases outweigh the small additional costs for our services. There is better material installed, a more efficient operation of the borehole [by right sizing of pump and optimum installation depth], and a more sustainable borehole in the long term.


TGS senior staff are also owners of the company. The management consists of professionals who are genuine in their advice and will not recommend drilling if there is no groundwater potential. They will advise clients on expected challenges in their areas of operation and TGS will advise clients on contract clauses that may have an impact on the interest of the client.


TGS employs an expatriate senior hydrogeologist with 23 year drilling supervision experience in Uganda and East-Africa.


TGS employs hydrogeologists and technicians who are trained by senior staff, who are able to perform at international standards for drilling, drilling supervision, contract management and reporting on the siting, drilling and test-pumping.


TGS has trained many university graduates, diploma holders, technicians and regular staff in Uganda in performing in a professional environment. Many ex TGS staff have as a result found better paid jobs in international NGOs and UN organizations. TGS staff cannot find better paid jobs in other drilling companies 😉


TGS pays NSSF and PAYE for all permanent employees who make up 90% of the workforce. Other staff are hired on contract basis for which TGS pays With-Holding Tax. Many of our competitors do not officially employ their staff and as such can operate much cheaper at the expense of staffs’ well-being.


TGS is an example in the drilling sector and has made it a priority that all siting and drilling data is recorded, processed, analyzed and disseminated in a professional way.


No procurement costs involved especially for consortium members like LTP means a saving on the costs of advertising the job and time that would have been spent on sourcing for other service providers.


TGS offers effective after sales service to its customers. We follow up on defects and ensure that they are corrected and clients are satisfied.


TGS Water has high ethical and professional standards and supervision by the client is not required but we still encourage clients to have a supervisor on site to create a shared responsibility.


Proof and historical records show that TGS does quality work and can be proved by the number of boreholes that have been drilled over time especially in the Northern part of Uganda and are still functioning well.


TGS is a strong supporter and one of the founding members of the Ugandan Drilling Contractor Association. One of the TGS Directors is a secretary to the board of the UDCA. UDCA is an organization that aims at defending the interest of the drilling contractors in the sector but also to increase the professionalism of the members and as such increases the quality of the boreholes in the country.

We are looking forward in working together with you to build your organization, reach your targets and build the Ugandan water sector at large!